What is My Mechanic My Friend?

My Mechanic My Friend is an initiative to lend a helping hand to these silent partners in every motorcycle trip we go and to galvanise the motorcycle community to come together as one to support and help restart livelihood of our mechanic community.

A global initiative where Big Biking Commune fellow bikers will show their support by nominating their mechanic friend and going on a ride to raise funds to support their mechanic. All funds raised will directly go to the nominated mechanic and we hope to create a movement that will bring bikers together to help in boosting the business of the mechanics / garages across India.

 Who is organising this campaign?

This campaign is organised by Big Biking Commune. India's largest aggregator platform We are the 'Go To Destination' that brings together passionate bikers, motorcycle brands, riding clubs, Accessories, Custom and Vintage bikes, bike rentals, bike tour operators and all related products and services under a single roof. Click here to know more (link to our website)

 How can I sign up?

Just visit registration form fill in the required details and you are good to go.

 Do I have to pay to take part in this initiative?

There is no fee charged to take part in this initiative. However, being part of this campaign, it would be nice to show your support by raising funds to support your mechanic.

 How do I nominate a mechanic?

Register yourself, head to the leader board for list of mechanics already nominated and you can select the mechanic you want to support. If you can't find your mechanic there, you can fill the nomination form and your mechanic will be added to the list.

 How will the funds be raised?

Funds are raised by you for your mechanic. You can register your ride on the form provided Go for ride form contribute a minimum of Rs.1/ KM of your ride. You can ask for your friends/relatives to support and they can donate funds.

Example: Ride from point A to B which is 500 Kms apart. As a gratitude you can pay Rs.500 (Rs1/km) to your mechanic and you can ask your friends also to donate while on a club ride. There is no limit for funds raised/donated to your mechanic.

 How will the nominated mechanic get the funds raised in his name?

Funds will be paid to your mechanic directly by you and submit the proof of funds in the form to show the world how much you raised and supported your mechanic and encourage others to do so. Click here to register your ride and fund-raising details.

 How can I contribute to the cause?

You can contribute register yourself, nominate a mechanic, show your support and ride for your mechanic to raise funds from friends/relatives, contribute by cash to your mechanic. Promote your ride and mechanic through social media to win cash rewards for your mechanic.

 Am not planning to go for a ride, can I still contribute to the cause?

It would be great if you can ride and contribute. If for any circumstances you are not able to ride. You can still raise funds and contribute for this cause.

 How does my ride help the cause?

When you ride and inform the world, you are promoting your mechanic and with a support/recommendation from a genuine motorcyclist like you, will help your mechanic with new customers.

 Can I directly transfer money to my favourite/nominated mechanic?

Yes, since you are requested to transfer funds directly to your mechanic and there is no payment transaction being involved on our end. Just share the proof of funds with us and tell the world to share the kindness.

 Will I get tax benefits?

Short answer is NO, since the campaign is mainly focused as a helping hand to uplift the mechanic community and there is no charity/a body/an association which is been involved.

 What is the proof that money raised is transferred to the mechanics?

We do not accept any money from the participants. You are requested to raise funds/make a payment directly to the mechanic and sharing the proof with us. You are the proof that money is transferred to your mechanic.

 Who monitors the fund collections?

We trust you. But for verification purposes, it is mandatory to fill the form with all payment proof screenshots to be updated by the participants/bikers by filling a form

 Can I ride alone or with friends?

More the merrier, you can ride solo or with your club, group, friends and even pillion. However, all have to be registered with the campaign to be eligible.

 As a club how do we participate in this cause?

You can register your club and members can register individually and become part of the club.

 Is the fund-raising cause limited to India or does it cover all mechanics?

We don't insist to apply a brake for Indian mechanics only, this is a global event and any biker across the world can nominate their mechanic and he/she can raise funds for them.

 Can I take part in any other contest/campaign consider the same ride for this initiative?

Yes, you can take part in a different contest/campaign and the ride for this initiative can be considered but make sure to fill in the form with your ride details.

 What do I get for participating?

With a minimum of Rs.2,500 raised you are eligible to win exclusive Big Biking Commune goodies.

 When can I collect the exclusive badge & sticker?

All participants raising a minimum of Rs.2,500 may be eligible to get My Mechanic My Friend badges and stickers and an e-certificate for participation.

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